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Wood Stoves

Wood Products


Nothing beats a natural wood fire for deep warmth and beautiful ambiance. Navigating today's EPA regulations and mountains of competitive manufacturers can be a daunting task. We have taken away the stress by offering the best manufacturers in the business, and 100% EPA compliant options so you only have to worry about how it looks. Sit back and enjoy the gorgeous warmth that can only come from a natural wood fire.

Pellet Stoves

PELLET Products


After a hard day on the slopes, it's tough to beat the comforting warmth and easy convenience of a modern pellet stove. We have done our homework, and present you with the most reliable stoves on the market. Automatic ignition. Automatic fuel feeding. Automatic thermostat control. When you're ready to unwind, let the convenient heat wash over you.

GAS Products


Simple. Fast. Reliable. Warm. Flip a switch or adjust a thermostat, and the fire leaps in response. Beautiful log sets, breathtaking designs, and immediate ambiance couple with easy heat to provide simple yet elegant home heating, without losing the beauty of the hearth. Sit back and bask in the glow of a modern gas fireplace.

Gas Stoves
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